About Us


What is our Focus?

Victory Sports Focuses Its Operational Energy on Six Main Areas

1. Supplying Athletic Equipment

VSGO will become a sought-after supplier of gently-used athletic equipment and supplies which (after recipients complete an application process) will be donated to individuals (through teams), teams, schools, leagues or sports programs allowing the recipients to compete with expanded and enhanced resources. The elements of this specific activity will be predominantly comprised of collection, distribution and continued volunteer efforts.

2. Coach’s Training

VSGO will also offer targeted training for coaches who work with underserved, under-equipped youth. The organization will seek to equip coaches with the insights and techniques necessary to take their players from good to great on and off the field or the court.

3. High-Impact, Short-term International Programming

Utilizing pre-existing connections in the international evangelical Christian missions community (i.e. SCORE International, Global Partners and Samaritan’s Purse), VSGO will seek to bring its expertise in athletic programming and training to short-term athletic camps, in conjunction with on-the-ground missions organizations (as referenced above) operating in predominantly third-world countries (such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc.)

4. Sports Camps In-A-Box

VSGO will develop a diverse line of all-in-one athletic resources for missions-based organizations operating overseas. These resource packages will in turn be shipped abroad and utilized by the recipients to more easily develop short-term camps for local children and their local communities.

5. Sports Leagues

VSGO will seek to broaden its reach in the community by partnering with existing sports leagues such as Upward Sports, Challenger Leagues and various other established adult leagues in the WNY area. Such partnerships will enable the message of VSGO to be widely communicated amongst stakeholders in the regional athletics community.

6. Leadership & Character-Building Programming

Recognizing that participation in athletics is a holistic endeavor, VSGO will develop a series of high-impact programs that target aspects of competitive play such as leadership, integrity, hard work, focus, compassion, teamwork, sportsmanship and goal-setting. Such programming will be offered to recipients of VSGO’s athletic equipment distribution program and will be a key element of VSGO’s long-term relationships with the leagues, programs and teams it works alongside.