What We’ve Been Up To . . .

Thank you for Supporting Victory Sports “Golf & Games” at The Dome

Victory Sports Named Project Play Champion

Countries we have sent equipment to:

  • El Salvadore
  • Sierra Leone
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Haiti

Organizations we have helped with equipment donations:

  • West Side Community Center
  • B&B Clubs of Buffalo
  • Salvation Army
  • Journey’s End Refugee Services
  • Gateway-Longview
  • Baker Victory Services
  • Summit Services
  • Gloria Parks Community Center
  • Youth Advantage Flag Football
  • Let Them LOL
  • SCORE International
  • Young Life
  • In the process of reviewing grant requests from:  West Side Soccer, West Side Youth Football,                          Journey’s End Soccer, and others.

Companies we have partnered with for employee drives.

  • Tops Markets
  • Buffalo News
  • Geico
  • Key Bank
  • Iskalo Development
  • Rich Products

BTG Sports Outreach

BTG Sports Outreach is a new program created by Victory Sports in partnership with the Buffalo Police Department and is sponsored by the Buffalo Bills.  BTG stands for “Bridge The Gap” and its goal in to help improve relations between the community and the police which is currently at an all-time low.  We will equip officers assigned to the Neighborhood Engagement Team (NET) on the streets with sports equipment that they can use to engage and build relationships with the youth in their district.  Officers will have access to basketballs, footballs and soccer balls and will be able to play with kids and in special cased they can give the equipment to the kids.  Our hope is that this program is successful in Buffalo and then becomes a national program that VSGO will help facilitate it NFL Cities between teams and their local law enforcement agencies.