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Welcome to Victory Sports Global Outreach Inc. (VSGO)

As a parent of two children who are active in youth sports, I know how expensive it can get outfitting your child in new sports gear every sports season.  My family was motivated by our love for sports and passion to helps kids of all demographic backgrounds to have the same opportunities as our own kids.  The accumulation of quality mitts, bats, soccer balls, basketballs, cleats, etc. in my garage got me thinking that there must be hundreds of kids who would give anything to have a fraction of all this stuff that's not being used.  Now, multiply that by what's in the garage of thousands of others just like us... and we might just be onto something!

It's the mission of Victory Sports to help under-resourced schools, leagues, teams and kids obtain all the equipment they need to play a sport and compete.  Many kids don't even try out for sports because their parents can't afford the necessary equipment. Studies show that students who participate in sports achieve better grades, increased attendance rates and higher test scores.  They also make healthier life choices.  VSGO collects and warehouses used and new sports equipment and then allows pre-approved groups to shop our warehouse inventory and select all the equipment they need at little or no cost to them.  

Here are some ways you can help us make a greater impact on our community:

*  Sports Equipment Donations - we need high quality used & new sports equipment that we can donate to under-resourced programs.  Please look through you basement, garage, shed, etc. and collect all the equipment you are no longer using and donate it to Victory Sports.  Click on the "What and Where to Donate" Tab on the left to find the list of donation locations.

* We do accept Gift Cards from store like Dicks, Walmart, Target, etc so we can buy the gear we need.

* We need more public locations for our donation barrels.

* Become a Neighborhood Ambassador.  Help collect sports equipment from all the families in your neighborhood.

* Hold a Sports Equipment Collection Drive or Party with your business, organization or family.

* Contact us if you know of an organization that is in need and that we can help.
* We are also accepting Financial Contributions and Corporate Sponsorship to help us fulfill our mission.  Please click on               the "Become a Sponsor" tab to the left to show your support today.  

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